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Entry #17

Animation Test

2016-06-22 21:24:27 by Y2k4ever

This is a simple test for a bigger project i'm working on.

It utilizes Rotoscope animation, special thanks to Max Fleischer. 


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2016-08-12 22:27:02

2 frames?

Y2k4ever responds:

Actually 3 :P
I just wanted to see what something would look like at rest, like a statue, eventually when I get an actual animation software, other than combining Paint Tool Sai and Power Director, I will make something much more ambitious.


2016-12-17 19:10:13

It would look cool zooming in or out


2016-12-17 19:12:06

Flash.. I mean, Adobe Animate 2017 has a camera tool. About time haha! Vcam doesn't even work for me anymore

Y2k4ever responds:

I just used SAI and Power Director to Macgyver this up.
No actual animation software yet.
Hows life?


2016-12-17 20:11:13

Trying to make a logo, want to give me some input?

Y2k4ever responds:

I recommend a minimalist approach, to much detail, unless your an art/design god, can greatly undermine the practical intentions of a logo representing a memorable and generally sleek brand, which is the true goal of said logo.